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Choppy Seas Artisan Handcrafted Clay Shaving Bowl

Sale price$74.99


Set sail on a high-seas shaving adventure with the Choppy Seas Trading Company and our artisan-crafted sea-worthy shaving bowl. Handmade with precision, this clay masterpiece is not just a tool but a testament to the art of grooming. The beautifully shaped bowl, expertly glazed, fits snugly in your hand for a smooth sailing through your daily grooming routine. And, as a token of our appreciation, we include a full 4oz sample of our renowned shaving soap cubes—a treasure trove for your shaving endeavors.

To unlock the full potential of this grooming relic, warm it with hot water and press one of our shaving soap cubes into the raised dimple at the bottom. Picture it as preparing your ship for a grand voyage. Then, with the finesse of a seasoned sailor, whip a shaving brush through the warm sea of lather you've created. The result? A thick, luxurious froth ready to conquer even the toughest of beard challenges.

Embark on this grooming expedition, masterfully crafted in collaboration with Master Artisan Wayne Malleau and proudly presented by the Choppy Seas Trading Company. These shaving instruments are so extraordinary that we've extended the journey to a unique line of shaving soaps—crafted to elevate your grooming routine to new heights. Ready your grooming ship and prepare for a shave that's not just routine but an exhilarating maritime experience!

Choppy Seas Artisan Handcrafted Clay Shaving Bowl
Choppy Seas Artisan Handcrafted Clay Shaving Bowl Sale price$74.99