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heal rips, tears, cuts, burns, and blisters

For Ninjas by Ninjas

what the heck is grip sauce?

Grip Sauce is a callus and hand care brand created for ninjas by ninjas featuring Hand Healing Magic & Muscle Soothing Potion. Co-designed by American Ninja Warrior athlete, Brett Sims, the hand balm is formulated to repair tears, maintain calluses, and recover damaged skin. The muscle gel is formulated to soothe muscles, relieve pain, and revive tired bodies.


Grip Sauce Hand Healing Magic is designed to help heal rips, tears, cuts, burns, and blisters by utilizing all-natural waxes and essential oils.


Grip Sauce Hand Healing Magic helps condition your calluses so they are less likely to become damaged. So you can spend more time doing the things you love.


Grip Sauce Muscle Soothing Potion is designed to help soothe sore, tired, and bruised muscles. It also helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle by using a natural product with organic aloe, essential oils, and no unnecessary chemicals or dyes.


Trusted by athletic trainers for its unique icy then hot sensation and deep penetrating pain relief, Grip Sauce Muscle Soothing Potion provides fast-acting relief to your back, neck, shoulders, knees, hands, wrists, elbows, feet, and ankles. 

What Some of Our Ninjas Think

"Grip Sauce is a great way to keep your skin tough and help you heal between sessions!"

"Feels and smells amazing honestly. I thought the healing was fast and the feel was very cool and wonderful."

"Adding Grip Sauce to my routine has allowed me to extend my training multiple days without having to wonder whether my skin will recover. Definitely would recommend!"

For Ninjas By Ninjas

"Being involved with Ninja Warrior for over ten years, I've noticed that athletes in the ninja community train hard, but they don't really care for their hands the way they should to optimize recovery and performance. There's an abundance of abuse from over-training but a serious lack of maintenance. Grip Sauce will hopefully change the game and get ninjas thinking as seriously about recovery and prevention as they do about getting strong."

- Brett Sims