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Our Story

Choppy Seas Trading Company, LLC was started by one of my brothers and me to fill a need we saw for quality handmade grooming products. I was a loyal customer of Beard Sauce years ago and helped crowdfund the launch of their product. After they closed their doors, I tried tons of beard oil brands, and none of them held a candle to what I was used to with Beard Sauce. I had resigned myself to just being unsatisfied with beard oils.

Then in September of 2014, my family lost our dad to suicide. It was an extremely hard time in our lives. As time has passed and wounds have started to heal, we have looked for ways we can help people in similar situations. My mom speaks and ministers to women who have lost husbands or children to suicide. One of my brothers is a pastor now. I felt like I needed an outlet to help people as well.

The idea of Choppy Seas Trading Company started brewing as a means to provide premium, handmade, small-batch goods and at the same time provide support for suicide prevention organizations. You know that feeling you get when you wear new clothes for the first time or get that fresh fade at the barbershop? Yeah, you feel good and get a confidence boost. We wanted to be a part of helping provide our customers with a daily boost of confidence and at the same time financially support organizations that are helping with suicide prevention.

Then the opportunity arose to acquire the assets to Beard Sauce, and we took it. I am eternally grateful for the support and blessing the previous owners have provided. We are excited to continue right where Beard Sauce left off with the original recipes. We may be a new company with a new look, but this is still the original sauce! We are always experimenting with new recipes and will be adding products to our catalog as quickly as we can.

Thank you for joining us in our adventures across the open ocean! The choppy seas of life are hard to navigate, but together we hope to carve our way through the waters. Please consider purchasing as a way to honor our fallen comrades and help those lost at sea. Hopefully, together we can help someone else find their way through.

This is for you dad.