• World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

    It is estimated that for every death by suicide, 135 people are affected. Here at Choppy Seas, we are some of those people.
  • The Beard Sauce Beginners Guide: How to use Beard Oil (using GIFs)

    We are here to help ease the transition from bearded wannabe to full on glorious man mane. Proper beard care is key and an essential part of growing a beard if you want to make it past the beginner phase. 
  • What the Heck is Beard Oil and Why is Everyone SO Crazy About It?

    You are either bearded or know someone who is. Why else are you reading a blog on beard oil? According to Huffington Post, a study completed by Bra...
  • Captain Ahab's Tragically Great Bar Soaps!

    We are excited to finally launch our new line of Captain Ahab’s “tragically great” bar soaps! We’ve been selling these at local farmer’s markets and have been getting really good feedback.
  • My Dad's Birthday and Mental Health Awareness Month

    Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 63. It will be a tough day. 
  • 4 of Our Favorite Organizations to Donate to

    Each month we will split the donations made between these organizations. We wanted to cover our local and national organizations. Click any of the images to be taken directly to their donation pages if you would like to give above and beyond.

  • Join the Everyday Sailors Crew!!

    Join now and you can earn coins that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Every sailor needs their own buried treasure so put in the work and earn your keep! Use the hashtag #theeverydaysailors when sharing on social media!
  • Meet the Gents Behind Choppy Seas™!

    We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves so you know exactly who we are and where your products are coming from. Choppy Seas Trading Company, LLC is a family run business from the Upstate of South Carolina. We are dedicated to providing premium handmade goods for the everyday sailor.
  • Relaunching Beard Sauce™ Holiday 2018!!

    We are excited to announce that Choppy Seas Trading Company, LLC will be relaunching Beard Sauce