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Brushes and Combs

Charting the course for superior grooming, behold—masters of crafting the most distinguished, heirloom-quality hair and beard combs.

With a legacy spanning over two decades, our expertise in Custom Architectural Metal Fabrication has set sail on a different journey—forging nothing short of exquisite beard and mustache combs.

In the captain's chair, our artisans expertly navigate the creation of each comb, a testament to their craftsmanship. From the ultra-plush boar brushes that emulate the soft caress of a sea breeze to the Dual Tooth styles, offering both wide and fine spacing to cater to diverse beard types, our combs are a symphony of precision. Sail further into the seas of grooming luxury, and you'll encounter the super-finely spaced Mustache Comb—a true masterpiece meticulously cut, sanded, and polished to a flawless mirror finish. Each comb receives the fine brush look along its face, a touch of artistry that echoes the perfection of maritime horizons.

Behold the Dual Tooth comb—an unrivaled multi-tool in the realm of combs. With a parting tip and a harmony of wide and fine teeth spacing, it's not just a grooming tool; it's a versatile instrument for taming the wildest manes and styling hair with the finesse of a seasoned sailor.

These combs are no ordinary grooming tools; they are crafted to be an eternal companion in your grooming odyssey. As you run these handcrafted marvels through your beard and mustache, appreciate the meticulous quality that accompanies each stroke. 

Choppy Seas Trading Company invites you to embrace the legacy of hand-made excellence, where function meets artistry, and grooming becomes a timeless adventure.

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