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Advanced Foam Sponges

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Sail into the future of skincare with our Choppy Seas Advanced Foam Sponges—a superior alternative to traditional cellulose or sea sponges. Engineered for strength and flexibility, our advanced sponge material surpasses the competition, holding more water and outlasting the wear and tear of the high seas. Bid farewell to the odorous woes of lesser sponges; ours stay fresh and resilient for an extended voyage.


  • Gentle and pliable whether wet or dry
  • Maintains its form after drying
  • Holds a bounty of water
  • Releases water with unparalleled finesse
  • Swift and easy to rinse out
  • Odor-resistant for an extended odyssey
  • Sturdy and enduring, built to endure the harshest seas
  • Unmatched wet/dry wipe performance


In an era where sea sponges face a threat, don't cast your old sponges adrift. Instead, discover their second life with myriad ingenious ideas available online—we unearthed over 30 afterlife uses ourselves.


Size: 4.72" x 3.74" x 1.96"

Advanced Foam Sponges
Advanced Foam Sponges Sale price$8.99