CHOPPY SEAS - Premium Cologne Roller - Preventer Scent


Our Preventer Scent is a modern, manly and seductive fragrance with notes of amber, teakwood, musk, cedar, and leather are mellowed with hints of lemon, bergamot, neroli, iris, and vetiver. This fragrance is a clean, all-weather scent that screams masculinity without being too heavy. Preventer is a classic and masculine cologne made for sailors, lumberjacks, hipsters, city boys and more. In nautical terms, a preventer is a sail control line used to prevent or moderate the effects of an accidental and violent jibe maneuver. 


  • perfect size for pocket carry
  • made with only 2 ingredients
  • more concentrated than spray cologne
  • stainless steel rollers provide easy application
  • a classic and masculine scent

What does it do?

The 10ml amber glass bottles with stainless steel rollers are the perfect size for pocket carry and make for easy application no matter where you are. Our premium cologne rollers are made with only 2 ingredients - nourishing fractionated coconut oil and the fragrance. The cologne roller is more concentrated than a spray cologne, lasts longer, and is generally less intense. No more spraying a cloud and gagging on it as you try and walk thru. 

The specs:

Our cologne rollers are lovingly hand-poured in 10mL amber glass bottles with stainless steel rollers.

How to use:

Just roll a small amount on the pulse points. A quick pass on the sides of the neck and down on the wrists is plenty. Carry in your pocket and apply as needed throughout the day.


fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.


Choppy Seas Trading Company is dedicated to providing the best handmade goods for the everyday sailor. We understand navigating the choppy seas of life can be hard. That is why we donate 10% of every purchase to Suicide Prevention Hotlines.

All Choppy Seas Trading Company products are handmade in small batches and hand-packaged. There may be a slight variation in color, and sizing between the same products. Learn to love the imperfections in life.

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