Stockist Information

Thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about selling Choppy Seas Trading Company products.

So you are interesting in stocking some of our products in your retail store, online shop, barbershop, apothecary, or grooming store? Everything we create is handmade, small batch, artisan, and pretty freaking cool.

What we offer
We make all-natural, good-for-you, handmade, small batch grooming and general goods products. At this time, our wholesale offering includes our house brands. We do not offer wholesale on other manufacturer’s products that we carry. Our house brands include: Choppy Seas Trading Co., Beard Sauce, Captain Ahab’s, & Grip Sauce.

Why we are awesome
Choppy Seas Trading Company’s philosophy is to create unique all-natural grooming products for people who are wanting more out of life than the norm. We want our customers to think and step outside the box when it comes to their grooming. There is a sense of pride and a boost of confidence that comes with choosing and using a product that is ethically sourced, made-by-hand, small batch, and supports a greater cause. We hope that people will not only see our products for what they are but also the message behind them. We financially support local and national suicide prevention organizations with every sale. This includes wholesale. By purchasing our products to stock your location, you and in turn your customers, are helping to support suicide prevention measures.

Pricing, lists, and more
If you want to carry our products or have more questions, contact us at the form below and we will send you our Wholesale Agreement and Price List for review.