BEARD SAUCE Beardtastic Bundle! Save $8!!!

$35 $43

The Beardtastic Beard Sauce bundle saves $8 versus purchasing individually!

This Beardtastic Beard Sauce bundle contains a 1 oz bottle of sauce and 2 oz tin of beard balm in our most popular Beard Sauce scent blend - the Original! Our Original Scent is a clean, fresh scent with hints of eucalyptus, tea tree, and frankincense designed specifically to be aromatic and comforting. Head in the breeze and hands on the helm. The rougher the seas, the smoother you sail, and the better you smell.

The kit also includes a Beard Sauce wooden beard comb! This medium tooth comb is constructed from one piece of natural boxwood and measures less than 3.5" in length. This comb will easily fit into most wallets for a convenient everyday carry comb. These pocket combs are cut by hand and then individually laser etched with the Beard Sauce logo.

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