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Article: The Beard Sauce Beginners Guide: How to use Beard Oil (using GIFs)

The Beard Sauce Beginners Guide: How to use Beard Oil (using GIFs)

The Beard Sauce Beginners Guide: How to use Beard Oil (using GIFs)

The path to bearded glory can often times be filled with roadblocks and stumbles. The toughest obstacle that guys have to overcome is that initial itchy period and awkward stage between “is that 5 o’clock shadow or do you just not care?” and “oh you have a little beard - that’s cute.”

We are here to help ease the transition from bearded wannabe to full on glorious man mane. Proper beard care is key and an essential part of growing a beard if you want to make it past the beginner phase. One of the best products out there, and first you should pick up on your beard growth journey, is beard oil. Beard oil will help soften the pricklies, soothe the itchies, and tame the whispies. Beard oil really helps moisturize and hydrate the skin under the beard while softening the individual hairs.

Follow these steps for proper application and effectiveness:

  1. Clean it

    Beard oil is best used right after you get out of the shower. The hot water and steam from the shower will help open your pores and make your skin and hair more absorbent. If you don’t have time for a shower, wet your face and beard in a sink with warm water or use a hot steamy towel.

  2. Dry it

    Gently pat your beard dry with a towel. Water and oil don’t mix so you want to make sure your face mop is free of too much moisture. Don’t be too aggressive here. You don’t have to go all Bruce Lee on your face.

  3. Drop it

    As a general rule of thumb, we recommend using a dime size amount of beard oil in the palm. But if you are the kind of guy that likes to count drops, then use 3 or 4 for a small to medium size beard and 7 to 8 for a large to “holy crap where is your face” size beard. Some of this will be personal preference and you will figure out how much you like to use with continued practice.

  4. Rub it

    Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the beard oil. Now it’s time to rock ‘n roll! Massage the oil into your beard. Don’t just rub your hands on the outside of your beard. Rub your fingers up through the bottom of the beard to make sure you hydrate your skin. Fluff that beard out! Don’t fear the fluff! We will fix that in a minute.

  5. Massage it

    Keep massaging the oil into your beard and face. If you just got out of the shower, there is a good chance that the soap and heat will dry out your face so make sure to rub some of the beard oil into your face to rehydrate. This is the best step! You know what would make this even better? Call your lady friend in and let her do the massaging! Now, we’re talking!

  6. Comb it

    Now it’s time to style and control the fluff you created in step 4. Use either a boar’s hair brush or wooden comb to brush out and shape your beard. Don’t use a plastic comb because it can cause static electricity. We recommend the wooden comb because the wood will absorb and help spread the beard oil through the beard.

  7. Enjoy it

    Okay we might have lied about step 5 being the best. This is the best part! This is the part where you step back and bask in all your bearded glory and build the confidence to go out and tackle whatever the day will throw at you. The seas may get choppy out there today but as an everyday sailor, you have the tools to emerge unscathed!


How often you follow these steps are up to several factors like length, thickness, and where you live. We recommend applying beard oil once in the morning and once in the evening right before you go out.

Know someone who has a dry flaky beard? Share this article and help save the day for that person. Have a question? Drop it in the comments below. Also, let us know how your routine differs from ours and what works for you.

If you are ready for a luxurious, healthy man mane then check out our line of Beard Sauce Premium Beard Oil.

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