Price Increase

The Elephant in the Room

We are a bit late to the game and I really held off doing this until absolutely necessary. And to think about it, holding off this long has actually hurt the viability of Choppy Seas Trading Co.

We have just pushed through a price increase across the website.

This was necessary for a couple of reasons:

1. All our suppliers have raised their prices. Every single one. For example, our soap ingredient supplier has raised their blocks of base from $32 to $58 over the past year. That is a 55% price increase! And that doesn't count any of the other ingredients or packaging or shipping supplies needed for the soap.

2. Shipping prices have gotten outrageous over the two years. We all know the stories of slow or lost packages and increased shipping prices. It is very discouraging to go purchase your favorite product online and see that shipping costs have doubled on that item. It honestly turns me off from wanting to buy.

3. Inflation. Where to start with this one? It's bad right now, and I don't think I have to explain it to you.

How is this price increase good for you?

Well, number one, it will allow us to stay in business. We tried to ride out the pandemic with hopes that things would change, but that isn't financially smart.

We have operated at a loss for two years now hoping things would change. They haven't.

So it was either pivot or ride the spiral and crash and burn this thing into the ground.

Number two, it allows us to absorb shipping charges. That is right, this price increase allows us to offer free shipping to our US customers. Like I said earlier, the huge shipping charges were turning me off as a consumer from purchasing from brands that I love. Hopefully by offering free shipping on our website that barrier can be lowered for our customers. For one of our customers with a monthly soap subscription, it actually lowered his monthly invoice since he wasn't paying fluctuating shipping costs. So a price increase on the product saves him money.

Lastly, with number three, the price increase sets us up to grow the brand in 2023. We have lots of stuff planned for Choppy Seas with new product lines and expanded offerings. We have hopes to grow our men's line and expand into a line of skin care products for females. 

Thank you for sticking it our with us these last 4 years. We hope you will continues to stick with us as we grow.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

John A. Shedd