Meet the Gents Behind Choppy Seas™!

     We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves so you know exactly who we are and where your products are coming from. Choppy Seas Trading Company, LLC is a family run business from the Upstate of South Carolina. We are dedicated to providing premium handmade goods for the everyday sailor. We understand as captains of our own ships, navigating the choppy seas of life can be hard and some of us sailors get lost at sea. Our dad was one of those who lost the fight. Choppy Seas is a way to honor our fallen comrades and those lost at sea in the hopes that maybe we can help someone else find their way through. We will be donating 10% of every purchase to suicide prevention hotlines.



     Hey, I am Caleb and I started brewing the idea of Choppy Seas earlier this year. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and of all the ideas I have had, this is the one that kept me up at night. There was something about this idea that just kept burning inside my chest. I am lucky that my brother (the financial expert) wanted to be a part of this vision or else I would still be lost, wondering how to get this thing started. I have lost my father, lost friends, and have friends that have lost family to suicide. I had to try something to help. Maybe through this endeavor will can help people see their way through and be an encouragement to survivors of suicide.



  Financial expert (read: novice) here. I'm Micah, youngest brother to Caleb. When I heard that Caleb wanted to start a business and that he was thinking he would need my help, I jumped at the opportunity. Since graduating, I've looked for different ways I could use accounting and finance for something more than just earning a salary. When Caleb shared his full vision for the business, there was no way I wasn't getting involved. It also helps that I'm one of the few people this side of the solar system who enjoys accounting and finance. It's my personal hope that through this business, and through honoring my father's legacy of helping and loving others, we will be able to provide continuous financial support for suicide prevention measures.


     Thank you for joining us in our adventures across the open ocean! The choppy seas of life are hard to navigate but together we hope to carve our way through the waters. Please consider making a purchase as a way to honor our fallen comrades and those lost at sea in the hopes that maybe we can help someone else find their way through.

This is for you dad.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

John A. Shedd